Achieve Your Goals

Imagine spending time at the gym having fun, training while meeting your goals. Imagine a trainer working with you, inspiring you to reach your potential. Get your personal training program going today and get that lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of.

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Personal Expertise

I have years of experience to use at my advantage when it comes to recognizing when a client needs more attention to a certain range of motion or weak part of their body. In-depth knowledge of human movement, anatomy and technique allow me to provide the utmost in personalized service to my clients precisely when and where they need it.

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The Studio

This is where your training sessions will take place. The private studio is conveniently located on Westlake Avenue minutes from downtown and Queen Anne. Situated right on the water, you will be greeted with gorgeous views, a clean professional environment and a welcoming environment. Membership comes free with your personal training package.

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Cody is friendly and motivating and seems to have an innate sense of just how rapidly I am able to progress.

In just six months of working with Cody I've already seen many benefits. The quality of my sleep has improved and I feel healthier and more relaxed. I've lost weight and significantly improved my strength and flexibility. -Dana Z.

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Why You Fail

Why You Fail

Posted by Cody on Aug 7, 2013

There is nothing more demoralizing then failing at something, anything, but do you ever ask yourself why you failed. Do you ever try to look back and find out where you went wrong? It’s a big problem and the cause of many a headache which is why I want to look at why...

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Pace Your Life

Posted by Cody on Jul 27, 2013

Pacing isn’t just important in your physical training you need to pace your lifestyle as well. Everything in your life needs some sort of pace, but if you make it to fast you will quickly burn yourself out. You need to find a balance that lets you work hard but still...

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Drowning in Stress

Posted by Cody on Jul 17, 2013

Stress is a natural part of anyone’s life, but too much of it can have very negative effects on your health one of which is weight gain. But why does stress cause weight gain? When you are put under high levels of stress your body triggers a number of different things...

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The Science of Movement

Posted by Cody on Jul 7, 2013

Doing an exercise and completing a set, and doing an exercise ‘properly’ and completing a set are two very different things. Something I see a lot of in the gym is people trying to force their way through a set with no technique or care. That’s not how you should be...

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The Beat Down on Procrastination

Posted by Cody on Jun 27, 2013

Procrastination is something that affects us all, some more than others, and it’s one of the biggest strings that hold us back from living up to our potential. You’ll never see highly successful individuals in any field wasting time with meaningless tasks. They got...

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Never Stop Moving

Never Stop Moving

Posted by Cody on Jun 17, 2013

Say you wake up every morning, get out of bed, and walk out your front door, and you always run into some cobwebs that have been made overnight. You do this every morning, but then you go on vacation, and that spider has more time to build bigger and thicker webs, and...

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